Nostalgic Sparkles

To current members: If you should close down your site, or don't wish to be a part of this clique anymore, please let me know so I can remove you from the list.

1. You must LOVE Carebears, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Popples My Little Pony, Wuzzles, Jem and/or Nintendo :).
2. You must have a site. No exceptions, my appologies.
3. No Expage or AOL Hometown sites please. I'm sorry, I didn't want to have to refuse adding certain sites, but most people on Expage direct link and they just have too many annoying popups. =\ Myspace pages are allowed but you must have your profile as "Public" since I won't be able to see your profile if it's Private (which means I can't add you).
4. Please enter your actual URL--no redirects such as,,, .tk, etc. If you do submit your site with one of these redirects, you will not be added. If the re-direct site should be down, so will your site and nobody will be able to view it.
5. No porn, hentai, racism, or anything vulgar or hurtful to others on your site.
6. You must add the code to your site before joining. If I don't see the code on your site, you won't be added to the members list. I check my mail often so please have it up.
7. Code must be saved to your own harddrive and uploaded to your own server. Please do not steal my bandwith! If you direct link the image will be replaced with a nasty one ():)
8. You must keep your code up at ALL TIMES. It must be up during a hiatus, layout change, etc. If it's not and I happen to do a random code check, you're removed from the members list.
9. Please put the code where I can easily find it, like your splash page or cliques page. If your site is in any other language other than English or Spanish please include a link to where you have the code posted in the area that says "Any comments/questions?" in the join form. If I can't find the code, you won't be added.
10. If you change anything, like your URL or e-mail or if you're closing your site down, please let me know using the Change Info form in the Join page. I'll be doing random code checks often and will remove you if you haven't updated your info. If you don't want to be part of the clique anymore then please be nice and let me know so that I can remove you. If for some reason I remove you and shouldn't have, please forgive me and let me know.
11. Please, please do not leave blank forms.

Got all that? Good! Now go on and choose your CODE!